Italian Cocktail "The Hugò" (again) - Elderflower syrup

I've managed to make some Elderflower syrup at last and this evening we drank the first  "Italian Hugò cocktail", of the season, as an aperitivo. It was lovely. Even my husband, who isn't a "cocktail" person, said that it was "buonissimo".  You can find  more about "the Hugò" in my March post;

  My daughter collecting elderflowers
The weather turned from hot and sunny to very wet and windy again and the heavily laden acacia and sambuco(elder) trees and shrubs are looking a bit worse for wear. I don't think the blossoms will be here for much longer. I'm hoping for a lovely dry day tomorrow so that I can gather some more.

This is my elderflower syrup recipe. If you look around you will discover that there are countless different recipes to choose from. I think that it all depends on personal taste and it's a good idea to experiment, try different combinations and find out what works for you.

This is my version;
Elderflower syrup recipe

35  small elderflower heads/25  if they are large (Choose the ones with the nicest scent)
1 kg sugar
1 litre filtered water
The peel from 3 lemons (no white pith)
sliced lemon (remove pith completely from one of the lemons and slice thinly)

Some add citric acid, I don't because I will  use the syrup within a month. However I intend to make more and put it into half-filled glass jars/bottles and freeze.

Shake the flowers gently to remove any insects. Remove any brown flowers and don't leave too much stem.
Put the blossoms and lemon peel into a large jar.
Heat the sugar and water until the sugar has melted, let cool a little and pour into the jar.
Add the sliced lemon, pushing down gently with a spoon to make sure it's covered.

Cover the jar with a muslim or a tea towel and leave, undisturbed in a darkish place for 48 hours.
Filter into sterilised bottles and seal.  (Keep one in the fridge ready to use).

I like to use a splash in cold sparkling water or on ice-cream, but my favourite way to use it is in "the Hugo".
I'm sure it's fantastic in champagne aswell, but I haven't tried.....YET.

The Hugò Cocktail Recipe

To  be mixed and served in a large old fashioned wine glass;

4/6 ice cubes
3/10 of elderflower syrup
7/10 of  prosecco (Italian  dry spumante) ICE COLD 
a sprig of fresh mint
a slice of red apple or lemon
soda/sparkling water if you prefer it longer

The Italian Hugò Cocktail  on Punk  


  1. oh I know these! A Turkish friend of mine who speaks Italian fluently has learned this recipe from the Italian friends of hers. I loved it when I tasted it! In fact, today when I was on the bus I had to think of the elderflower syrup when i saw some elderflowers at the side of the road. Nice coincide to see you post!

  2. Molto interessante il tuo blog, mi sono iscritta tra i tuoi lettori, abbiamo già una cosa in comune! grazie

  3. Looks amazing! Wish I could try it...

  4. HELLO! I posted this recipe in Turkish, but I have not yet done so for the English version of my blog. Because I cannot find the English name of this particular plant; thought maybe you could help me (please see the first pic in the link below)?



    1. Hi Hèr, I answered on your Turkish blog. But I'm not an expert I'm learning, you probably know more than me (even in English)! Ciao


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