Pickled Dandelion Buds

I looked out of my kitchen window this morning and saw that the buds on the chestnut tree had all burst open. Yesterday they were still buds.

Lots of dandelion flowers have also appeared, even a few dandelion clocks. Walking close to home I picked enough dandelion buds to fill a small jar. The buds were still tightly closed.

(Very easy and delicious, especially if you like capers).

Enough dandelion buds to fill a small jar
2 cloves garlic
White wine vinegar
3 bay leaves

Wash the dandelion buds .
Place buds on clean tea towel and sprinkle with salt.
Cover with another tea towel and leave for at least 2 hours.

Put enough vinegar to fill the  jar in  a pan with
the crushed garlic and bay leaves . (I used 2 dried leaves  and 1 fresh).
Bring to the  boil.
Then leave to become tepid.
(Hint- Hot vinegar has a powerful smell close the kitchen door and open  the windows).


Sterilise the jar   (eg., in a moderate 140°C oven, upside down for 10 mins). Fill while it's still hot.
When  the vinegar is tepid add  the  dandelion buds  and then fill the jar . Make sure the buds are well covered. Use the bay leaves to make a barrier at the top.  Seal tightly.
Leave at least  for a week before eating.
Eat within a month.
Keep in the fridge.

Pickled Dandelion Buds on Punk  


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    1. Thankyou, I already had an invite, but I was a bit phased it! Now I've had time(always tricky) to fiddle it's pretty easy and a great place to store all those bookmarks which have been forgotten about. Quite proud of myself really!
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  2. hello hello again! It's very interesting again! I enjoyed reading your post! In order to sterilise a jar, I use a different method: I boil some water and put the jar in it. I admit that it is a bit tricky to take the jar out of the boiling water (not to splash any around) but I do it with the help of a wooden spatula I use in the kitchen. The lid I also put in the water. The lid has to be brand new (or as good as brand new) in order to provide a longer and better preservation. When do I use this procedure? When I prepare my own tomato puree for the winter! I do not know how it is in Italy, but in Turkey the markets still sell mainly seasonal products. In winter you can also find tomato but less tasty and with more chemicals! By jarring some at the end of the summer, I can enjoy summer tomatos in winter! I'll post it when it is the right time! wow such a long post, hope you didnt get bored whilst reading LOL

    1. There are various ways to sterilise jars and your method is the most common here in Italy and I agree with you about new tops. (you need to be very careful). I've been lucky to have my "passata" made for me by my mum-in-law in the past. Now I buy from a local organic farmer.
      Infact,on the dandelion bud pickle recipe I said to use within one month but I'm sure it could be kept for longer adhering to strict canning practises. My pickled buds were finished a while ago!

  3. hi!! thank u so so much for the amazing recipe! i just had a qn.. could i can these (Water bath method) and keep them? like other pickled stuff? appreciate it ;)


  4. Hi Elly, Thanks for visiting. I'm not sure if they would be good for preserving with the water bath method as I think the heat would make them go mushy. You could try it. I always make quite small quantities as picking dandies and preparing them is quite time consuming. I'm sure they would keep for longer in the fridge (but I only have experience of up to a month) There are other recipes on the web if you do a search (all quite short term but some say up to three months). Sorry I can't say more, hope that helps? If you do try, please let me know how you get on :)

  5. I wished I'd had read your recipe first off! I've just followed another recipe that said to peel off the outer leaves first, SO labour intensive! And I threw away the bigger ones. Bummer. I'll use your recipe next time :) Love your blog! What do your dandelion capers taste like?

    1. Thanks :-) Without the sepals the buds are less bitter. My dandy buds are strongish and a little bitter. Not a taste for everyone. Do you like pickled capers? Do you like bitter salad leaves? I love them with cheese and cold meats. A little goes a long way.....

  6. thanks for the inspiration http://moosecurrry.blogspot.ca/2013/05/dandelion-capers-quick-pickled.html


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